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58 Yrs old    •    5 Yrs Experience    •    Brooklyn
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time 
I have taken care of about six kids so far, ages from a baby to seven years old. my duties included preparing breakfast, dressing them if attending school, taking tans pick up after school, giving baths dinner, going to the park or what ever activities they have planned. Read More >
Salary: $20/Hour or $2200 - $2400/month Last Login: April 28
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21 Yrs old    •    4 Yrs Experience    •    Brooklyn
Position Type: Live-Out, Part Time 
Well when I was born my mom loved kids so much she started day care because of me so my mom would care for about 4 or more of us in the house when I was at least able to speak proper and know how to write in talk which was like the 2nd or 3rd grade I learned how to babysit kids I learned how to help them with there homework teach them how to say L-M-N-O Instead of llmno I taught them how to count Read More >
Salary: $16/Hour or $800 - $1000/month Last Login: April 27
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30 Yrs old    •    10 Yrs Experience    •    Brooklyn
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time, Part Time 
I have been babysitting kids since I was thirteen years old. I use to babysit my younger brothers and sisters. I had twins younger sister that were 7months and my two younger brothers, one that was one years old and the other that was 3 years of age. I use to make sure their diapers were changed, fed and keep them occupied with their favorite cartoons. Read More >
Salary: $18/Hour Last Login: April 24
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36 Yrs old    •    2 Yrs Experience    •    Brooklyn
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time, Part Time 
The last years I work with new born, toddlers, and teens. The past year I working for one family who have five children the ages 18 months, 4, 7, 9, and 12 years. I help prepare food I make light house cleaning, I play with the kids and I help them with the homework. I always work together with the parents and follow their rules, and teach the children to be respectful. Read More >
Salary: $20/Hour or $2200 - $2400/month Last Login: April 23
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Agnes Sylvie 
45 Yrs old    •    1 Yrs Experience    •    Bronx
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time 
I take care of children attending them in their games, giving them bathing, feeding them, taking care of their clothes, watching over them, arranging their room, accompanyingthem to bed hours of rest. In short, I help parents take cre of their children. Read More >
Salary: $16/Hour or $2600 - $2800/month Last Login: April 23
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