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21 Yrs old    •    0 Yrs Experience    •    Reno
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time, Part Time 
I am willing to know and care for your child as my sibling with kindness, love, respect, and honesty. I intend to be the best babysitter I can possibly can be. I will listen to your kids' every need and take care of them as needed. Read More >
Salary: $15/Hour or Negotiable salary Last Login: May 15
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28 Yrs old    •    10 Yrs Experience    •    Sparks
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time, Part Time 
I have babysat my sibling for many years, helped them learn and grow. I also have babysat for parents so they could go out on date nights, and go to work, or just to get a little extra work done. I have done during the day and over night babysitting. Read More >
Salary: $10/Hour Last Login: April 11
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23 Yrs old    •    10 Yrs Experience    •    Reno
Position Type: Live-In, Part Time 
I have 7 siblings: 2 brothers and 5 girls including me that I live with the third eldest. I have observed many kindergarten classes from going into my little siblings classes and I have also tutored and taught them. I have help instruct food help (what do they want to eat? preparing food. etc) doing activities (homework, playing games/sports, etc. Read More >
Salary: $10/Hour or Less than $400/month Last Login: March 19
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30 Yrs old    •    6 Yrs Experience    •    Reno
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time, Part Time 
I have ran my own daycare called "Mandi's Daycare" which had age ranges between newborn and 7 years old. I planned activities, played outside, nap time, creativity time; what ever the day had in store that was productive was what we did. Read More >
Salary: $20/Hour Last Login: March 18
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34 Yrs old    •    10 Yrs Experience    •    Reno
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time, Part Time 
Summer nanny - 2 kid Babysitter Substitute teacher Ed tech for special needs summer school Kids church group room leader Aunt of 5 ( ages 5, 4, 3, 1, 8 months) Soon to be stepmom of a 7yr old Read More >
Salary: Greater than $4000/month Last Login: March 11
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71 Yrs old    •    10 Yrs Experience    •    Reno
Position Type: Live-Out, Part Time 
Although my nieces and nephews are grown now I had them every summer while I had my ranch. I also worked at a grammar school as a Lunch Lady for four years so am very familiar with what they like and don't like to eat. I hold a C. N. A card although I did let it expire. I am familiar with C. P. R. Read More >
Salary: $10/Hour Last Login: July 22
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35 Yrs old    •    8 Yrs Experience    •    Reno
Position Type: Live-In or Live-Out, Full Time 
Hello. My name is Roxan. I am 29 years old. I earned my degree in nursing from the Philippines. I am seeking a full time nanny position. I am an Infant Toddler Director in Reno, Nevada as well as a Teacher in 12-35 months old children. I was a live-in nanny for 5 years in Canada, taking care 2-3 years old children (1st family) and 6-7 years old children (2nd family). Read More >
Salary: $40/Hour or Greater than $4000/month Last Login: April 22
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31 Yrs old    •    8 Yrs Experience    •    Las Vegas
Position Type: Live-Out, Part Time 
I Supervise and engage in the activities of a group of children during the day that I am responsible for. I positively interact with all children, nurturing them with confidence and self esteem giving each child individual attention and comfort throughout the day, I Participate in supervising indoor and outdoor environments to provide safety for the children at all times. Read More >
Salary: $11/Hour or $800 - $1000/month Last Login: February 10
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