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  Find and hire a nanny at understands how vital it is to find the right child care provider for your family, particularly as you not only have to trust someone in your home but also with the care of your precious children.
We have carefully laid out a step by step process that we recommend you follow in order to alleviate any problems and difficulties you could potentially encounter in the process of hiring a child care provider for your children. Finding and hiring the right candidate for your family will guarantee you more quality time with your children along with the peace of mind you desire so please read these steps carefully.
Clarifying your needs
Find a Nanny
Phone Interview
Check References
Personal Interview
Trial Run
Hiring your nanny


Check the nanny’s references
Prior to hiring any person to work in your household with your children I is vital that you check their references and this is step five on our list. If you would rather check the references of a nanny before meeting with them, this is not only appropriate but can also save you time. Each of our nanny profiles contains the contact details of 2 references so make sure you speak to them personally. You should expect these references to be previous employers and not friends or family members.
You might want to ask the referees:
  • When did she begin work with your family?
  • How long did she work for?
  • What were the reasons for her departure?
  • How many children did she look after?
  • What were her responsibilities?
  • What were her strengths/ weaknesses?
  • Is there anything that you would praise/ critique about her work specifically?
  • Would you recommend her?

Depending on the answers you receive you can decide whether to proceed to the next stage, the face to face interview.