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How to Hire a Caregiver at understands how vital it is to find the right caregiver for a loved one. The right caregiver must be experienced, have the necessary credentials and is someone you must trust with the care of an often vulnerable family member.
We have carefully laid out a step by step process that we recommend you follow in order to alleviate any problems and difficulties you may potentially experience in the hiring of a caregiver for a senior or disabled member of your family.
Finding and hiring the right candidate for a loved one will not only benefit your relationship but will guarantee you peace of mind so please read these steps carefully.
Clarifying your needs
Find a Caregiver
Phone Interview
Check References
Personal Interview
Working interview
Work agreement


Trial Run
We hope that up to this point things have gone well, you have narrowed down your selection and are one step closer to hiring the right caregiver for a loved one. Our step seven is the trial run. Once again, you should invite the caregiver to the home where they will be employed with the purpose of this trial run being an opportunity to watch how the caregiver takes care of your loved one.
This trial run should begin with the caregiver watching you as you interact with your loved one, to see where things are located in the house and how the household is run.

After some time you and the caregiver should switch roles, with the caregiver now engaged with your loved one and you present, observing the interaction. Look at the ways the caregiver tries to engage with your relative, check how your relatives respond and ask yourself whether you feel comfortable leaving this nanny alone with a loved one? It is very important that you observe this interaction carefully to be sure that you are satisfied and have seen everything you need.

Your observation of the interaction will change the behavior of the caregiver so after a short time step back and observe from a distance to help you get a much clearer picture of her suitability.

When this trial run is over, pay the caregiver for her time and say you will be in touch in due course.