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Recently Joined Housekeepers and Home Cleaners
41 Yrs old    •    10 Yrs Experience    •    Bronx
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time 
Cleaning, laundry, ironing, vacuuming polishing silver and organizing. Read More >
Salary: $20/Hour or $3800 - $4000/month Last Login: Today
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38 Yrs old    •    1 Yrs Experience    •    New Rochelle
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time, Part Time 
I work in hotel in portugal and I am ablle to do all the tasks you need. Read More >
Salary: $20/Hour Last Login: 2 Days Ago
    View Profile  
22 Yrs old    •    1 Yrs Experience    •    Queens Ny
Position Type: Live-In or Live-Out, Full Time, Part Time 
I haven't had long time house keeping experience but I am willing to learn and progress. I can clean whatever you need, run errands, walk the family dog, do laundry, clean dishes etc.. Read More >
Salary: $25/Hour Last Login: 3 Days ago
    View Profile  
32 Yrs old    •    10 Yrs Experience    •    Ellwood City
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time 
My Granparents owned a cleaning company-D. Cleaning Bros. -I worked for them for years, cleaning homes and businesses. I worked as a house keeper for the 911th Air Wing for over a year. Janitor at a mill, and housekeeping through home care. Read More >
Salary: $12/Hour or $2000 - $2200/month Last Login: Yesterday
    View Profile  
23 Yrs old    •    3 Yrs Experience    •    Fayetteville
Position Type: Live-Out, Part Time 
My first job was working as a housekeeper in a hotel. I worked there for a couple years and then left when I moved to North Carolina. While in North Carolina, I have cleaned steady for a few families, some weekly cleaning, move out cleaning, ect.. Read More >
Salary: Negotiable salary Last Login: 4 Days ago
    View Profile  
19 Yrs old    •    10 Yrs Experience    •    North Las Vegas
Position Type: Live-In or Live-Out, Full Time 
I can make sure a house is kept very well clean or to the need of how you like your things to be in any way. Read More >
Salary: $6/Hour or Negotiable salary Last Login: 6 Days ago
    View Profile  
26 Yrs old    •    4 Yrs Experience    •    Hawthorne
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time 
Sweep, mop, dust, polish furniture, windows, floors, walls, furnishings, equipment, and hardware, Clean and disinfect bedrooms, Move equipment and furniture, Keep bathroom supplied with paper, towels, and soap, Order and distribute supplies, Collect and dispose of waste and garbage Read More >
Salary: $15/Hour or $2200 - $2400/month Last Login: 3 Days ago
    View Profile  
22 Yrs old    •    7 Yrs Experience    •    Astoria
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time, Part Time 
For the private families I have done cleaning, organization, laundry, cooking, preparing meals Read More >
Salary: $11/Hour Last Login: 6 Days ago
    View Profile  
36 Yrs old    •    10 Yrs Experience    •    Dallas
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time, Part Time 
Very clean person. take pride in the work that I do.. Read More >
Salary: $12/Hour or $1000 - $1200/month Last Login: 6 Days ago
    View Profile  
23 Yrs old    •    5 Yrs Experience    •    Las Vegas
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time 
I have work at home joy for over a year and work five stars hotels as housekeeping Read More >
Salary: $10/Hour Last Login: 9 Days ago
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