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Recently Joined Housekeepers and Home Cleaners
46 Yrs old    •    3 Yrs Experience    •    Fort Worth
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time, Part Time 
I have done it all, really, inside and out. Lots of years of cleaning, maintaining, and taking care of my own places. I have been the janitor for various churches I have attended over the years, as well. Read More >
Salary: $25/Hour Last Login: 3 Days ago
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26 Yrs old    •    1 Yrs Experience    •    Fort Worth
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time, Part Time 
I have worked at the Hyatt in housekeeping in Wichita ks for 1 year, now I currently stay in fort worth I started off with my first job here working with Mary maids. we cleaned all around the houses there's nothing I don't have a problem with cleaning. Read More >
Salary: $10/Hour Last Login: 3 Days ago
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43 Yrs old    •    2 Yrs Experience    •    Torrance
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time 
Two years of extensive experience in housekeeping knowledge of safety practices related to housekeeping Familiar with the safe usage of different kinds of chemicals Demonstrated ability to accomplish physically challenging task. Read More >
Salary: $15/Hour Last Login: 6 Days ago
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23 Yrs old    •    2 Yrs Experience    •    Unionville
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time, Part Time 
I have no problem keeping the house neat. My mother has her own cleaning business where I have helped more times than I can say. While in Texas I swapped housing for my cleaning of the whole house. I keep my house clean too. Read More >
Salary: $12/Hour Last Login: 8 Days ago
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36 Yrs old    •    10 Yrs Experience    •    Canoga Park
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time, Part Time 
I have been doing housekeeping since I was 18 and have worked for both cleaning companies and for myself. I am very detalied and reliable. Read More >
Salary: $10/Hour Last Login: 9 Days ago
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31 Yrs old    •    2 Yrs Experience    •    Bronx
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time 
I have experience in hotel aswell as residential housework. Have worked for hilton hotels and resort and for the Hyatt. Also worked for families/ hospice. Read More >
Salary: $14/Hour or $1400 - $1600/month Last Login: 13 Days ago
    View Profile  
48 Yrs old    •    10 Yrs Experience    •    Staten Island
Position Type: Live-Out, Part Time 
Basically this is from my experience from being at home with my children at various times in my life when I could not find work outside the home. Read More >
Salary: $30/Hour Last Login: 2 Days Ago
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35 Yrs old    •    10 Yrs Experience    •    Bronx
Position Type: Live-Out, Part Time 
My housekeeping experiences include mopping, sweeping, dusting, laundry, meal preparation, laundy care, ironing, etc. Read More >
Salary: $25/Hour or Negotiable salary Last Login: 10 Days ago
    View Profile  
Gisselle Karinny 
19 Yrs old    •    2 Yrs Experience    •    New York
Position Type: Live-In, Full Time, Part Time 
I am a young girl in my very organized and careful cleaning I am willing to work in united states Read More >
Salary: $12/Hour or $800 - $1000/month Last Login: 2 Weeks ago
    View Profile  
35 Yrs old    •    3 Yrs Experience    •    Brooklyn
Position Type: Live-In, Full Time 
I was a laundry supervisor for 3 and a half years in a nursing facility, and I had to substitute whenever a housekeeper was out I had to fill in. Vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, cleaning the bathrooms, dining area and common areas. Read More >
Salary: $18/Hour Last Login: 15 Days ago
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  Your services were great! So great in fact, we found the perfect nanny with 24 hours! .I will have no hesitations in recommending your site to my friends and colleagues.  Sarah  W., New York  
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