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Recently Joined Housekeepers and Home Cleaners
46 Yrs old    •    10 Yrs Experience    •    New York
Position Type: Live-In, Full Time 
I have managed several vacation rentals in Georgia and in the Hamptons. Read More >
Salary: $33/Hour or Negotiable salary Last Login: 6 Days ago
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22 Yrs old    •    1 Yrs Experience    •    Birmingham
Position Type: Live-Out, Part Time 
I have had to clean homes when I was in college and facities as needed Read More >
Salary: $11/Hour Last Login: 1 Week ago
    View Profile  
23 Yrs old    •    1 Yrs Experience    •    Norwalk
Position Type: Live-In, Full Time, Part Time 
I love love love to cook and bake. I can clean as well. Whatever you need me to do I can and will. Read More >
Salary: $25/Hour Last Login: 12 Days ago
    View Profile  
18 Yrs old    •    5 Yrs Experience    •    San Pedro
Position Type: Live-Out, Part Time 
I am a motivated college student. I have a young sibling which I took care of for 10 years of my life, but he is now in Middle School, and he is no longer in need of a baby sitter. I am great with children of all ages, and I absolutely love pets. Read More >
Salary: $15/Hour Last Login: 13 Days ago
    View Profile  
49 Yrs old    •    10 Yrs Experience    •    Huntington Park
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time 
House cleaning and maintaining the house clean. dust, clean bathrooms, change bedding, vacuum. Read More >
Salary: $2200 - $2400/month Last Login: 1 Week ago
    View Profile  
20 Yrs old    •    1 Yrs Experience    •    Edinboro
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time, Part Time 
I have hotel experience stripping and making bed. I have vacuumed, mopped, and cleaned up the dining areas in the hotel as well. Read More >
Salary: $9/Hour Last Login: 21 Days ago
    View Profile  
24 Yrs old    •    5 Yrs Experience    •    Jacksonville
Position Type: Live-In, Full Time 
I have been cleaning ever since I known my self so I can guarantee you I am good at what I do. Read More >
Salary: $10/Hour or $600 - $800/month Last Login: 24 Days ago
    View Profile  
37 Yrs old    •    1 Yrs Experience    •    Harvey
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time, Part Time 
I initially know how to keep a house clean. I have 4 months of housekeeping experience. It includes: sweeping, mopping, laundry, and washes dishes on a as needed basis. I will accept and carry out all the rules that are given to me. Read More >
Salary: $15/Hour Last Login: 26 Days ago
    View Profile  
43 Yrs old    •    6 Yrs Experience    •    Calumet Park
Position Type: Live-Out, Full Time 
Janitorial, Housekeeping, maintenance of complex building. Read More >
Salary: $12/Hour Last Login: 25 Days ago
    View Profile  
26 Yrs old    •    3 Yrs Experience    •    Stroudsburg
Position Type: Live-In, Full Time 
My housekeeping experience is overall fulfilling. I get a certain sense of pride knowing that my employers are pleased with the job I have done. Employers satisfaction is my ultimate goal. Read More >
Salary: $8/Hour Last Login: 27 Days ago
    View Profile  
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