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How will work for me? designed with you in mind. As the definitive place to find care solutions in the USA, has become a trusted and reliable resource for both employers and job seekers. With an extensive and continually updated database of caregiver profiles and job postings, finding a care solution or a job in the field of caregiving just got easier.
Customer Service:
Havenít found the answer to your question below? Simply contact us by clicking on "Contact Us" and one of one of our customer service team members will be in touch with you to answer your question.
Service Benefits:
Benefits for Employers
We value all of our clients, and every employer that chooses to register at will not only be given full and unlimited access to our database of caregiver profiles but will also be able to create job postings that will allow qualified job seekers find you.
While the staff at is always at hand to assist you, we also believe that you know better than anyone what your family requires in a caregiver, and we therefore put you in charge of finding the right candidate. With our easy-to-use modifiable search options, you can find candidates to match your familyís specific needs and requirements, and contact any number of them directly.
Benefits for Job Seekers has made finding the right job that much easier for every care provider.
Every job seeker who registers at will be able to create and post an individual profile, where thousands of employers will be able to view it and contact you directly with employment opportunities. You will also be given access to our continually updated job listings, which allows you to contact employers directly. It has never been so easy and efficient to find your dream position as a nanny, caregiver, or housekeeper here in America.
Account FAQs:
Q. Iíve lost my password. How can I find it?
A. If you have forgotten your password please click on "Forgot password?". Please enter the email address you registered at this site with and we will send you a your user name and password directly to your email account.
Q. How do I renew/deactivate my account?
A. Please log in to the site using your user name and password and click on Change Account Status on the My Account page menu.
Q. How can I upload a picture to my account?
A. Please log in to the site using your user name and password click on the My Account page. Click the Upload My Photo link and simply follow the instructions. Photos must be uploaded in a JPG format and no larger than 3000KB in size.
Q. How do I report a problem Iím having with the site?
A. If you having any difficulties using the site, technical or otherwise please Contact Us immediately and we resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

FAQs for Families/Employers looking for care:
Q. How can I contact a caregiver, a nanny or a housekeeper?
A. After you have registered at, simply log in to your account to search for every type of care provider, including nannies, caregivers and housekeepers. Our easy to use database allows you to modify your search to find profiles that meet your specific requirements. Each profile contains a contact form for you to fill in and this form will be forwarded to the caregiver on your behalf. There is no limit to the number of caregivers that can be contacted. All responses from caregivers will be sent directly to your email address. Many caregivers advertise their telephone number and are happy for you to contact them by phone.
Q. How much does cost?
 A: It is currently free to register and make use of all the services has to offer.
Q. Why should I post a job?
A: It is important to take the opportunity to advertise your position as it allows caregivers to search and contact you making it even quicker and more efficient to find the ideal caregiver.
Q. How can I post a job?
A: To advertise a job, simply go to My Account, click on My Jobs and click on the Post New Job link. At you are able to post multiple jobs in the case that you are looking to fill a number of different positions.
Q. How can I remove a job I have posted?
A: You can remove a job posting by clicking on My Jobs in My Account and then on the Archive your job link. By archiving your job you will no longer receive emails or telephone calls from potential applicants in relation to this position.
Q. How do I deactivate a Account?
A: To deactivate your account click on Account Settings in your account from the menu on the left and select deactivate account. Once deactivate please feel free to reactivate your account at anytime
Q. Can I make changes to my information later, after Iíve finished filling out the membership forms?
A. Yes and it is even advisable to update and improve your posting on an ongoing basis on the site.
Q. How much will I have to pay my nanny?
A. Your nanny's salary will be subject to a a variety of factors including; length and type of prior work experience, your requirements, the number of children you have, your children ages, the job's location and the number of working hours required. The salary should not be less than the minimum  wage determined by each state.
You are free to negotiate this salary based on the skills and experience of your nanny when you set out the conditions of the contract.
FAQs for Job Seekers looking for a job:
Q. How do I apply for a job?
A: Once you have registered with simply log in to your account to begin your search for jobs. Each job posting has a contact form for you to fill in that will be forwarded to the employer. Tell them a little bit about yourself, why you are a suitable candidate for the position and why they should hire you. Many employers advertise a phone number for you to telephone them.
Q. How long will it take me to register at
A. Registering at is quick and straightforward. The entire registration process should take somewhere between 5 and fifteen minutes.
Q. Is it free to register?
A. Registration and use of all services are entirely free for jobseekers
Q. Why do I need to answer so many questions?
A. We recommended that you do answer all the questions when you fill out your profile as the more thorough your profile, the better your chances are of finding the dream job. The more information you provide the more chance you have at attracting the right employer.
Q. Why should update my profile?
A. We recommend that you update and improve your profile on an ongoing basis on the site to increase your chances of finding a great job. Simply go to your profile and click on edit to make changes the changes you wish. Once you have completed your changes click on save & continue.
Q. Can I make changes to my information later, after Iíve finished filling out the membership forms?
A. Yes and it is even advisable to update and improve your posting on an ongoing basis on the site.
Q. Can I remove my profile from the search results?
A. Yes you can.  To remove your profile simply log in to your Account and click on remove profile. You can resume advertising should by clicking on create profile should you choose to at a later date.